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What is The Sanctuary?

The goal of this program is to help alleviate some of the needs in an already overtaxed
foster care system, and to keep families together in far Southwest Virginia. The parenting
adults would be receiving the help needed for wellness through treatment at Mended
Women Lifestyle Recovery, while at the same time entrusting their children to Mountain
Mission School for residential care, where the children can stay together, and heal together.

How Does It Work?

A Refuge for women pursuing recovery while their children are likewise sheltered and nurtured.


Located in Damascus, VA. this residential safe-haven will be a resting place for mothering adults to pause and focus on healing after they complete the treatment program through Mended Women in Abingdon, VA., giving them 6 full months in safe and supportive housing which will exponentially increase the likelihood of their success in recovery and providing a stable home for their children once they leave the program. The residents will be assisted by our Navigator to build social capital through connections and relationships in the community, clear the barriers and regain their valid drivers license and reliable transportation through our "Safe Travels" program, and to find permanent housing.

  • For women identified by DSS in Bristol City, Russell, Smyth, and Washington Counties, as having legal-custody of children who are at risk of being removed and placed in foster care due to the womens substance misue;

    • As an alternative, the women would be given the opportunity of entrusting the children to the care of Mountain Mission School in Grundy; a fully-accredited school and residential program, providing care to children - infants through 18 years of age - for as long as they need to be at the facility; sibling groups would have 3 meals a day together, play on the playground together, adn have access to one another when needed​

    • The women would not lose legal custody of the child/children while they are at Mountain Mission, would be allowed to visit their children, and have them for weekends, and holiday visits​​

    • There would be no costs to the women, either to be at The Sanctuary or to have their children cared for at Mountain Mission School while they themselves get the help they need to recover and find wellness.

  • Once the children are accepted and enter into Mountain Mission and the women are accepted and enter in Mended Women Lifestyle Recovery, the women will aslo be accepted in the program at The Sanctuary.​






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