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Hands and Feet Mentors are community-based people, inspired by their faith to listen without judgment and to provide honesty and insight in order to help returning citizens successfully reintegrate into society.


Volunteer Opportunities: 

- Classroom leadership

- Weekly church service 

- Annual Christmas Banquets

- Mentorship Program


Any man or woman 25 or older, who is not currently on probation or parole, can become a mentor. 


Mentor Job Description: Mentors work in cooperation with parole agents, the Department of Corrections, and H & F and may provide guidance to mentees in the following areas: Emotional support and encouragement; help finding housing; help with employment and budgeting; family relationships; health care options; peer support; and, miscellaneous independent living skills. 

If you would like more information about volunteering or becoming a mentor please send us your information below!

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